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Questions about MEITEC Group Holdings

  • When was MEITEC Group Holdings incorporated?

    In July 1974, Nagoya Technical Center Co., Ltd., was founded in Nagoya City as a company engaged in general industrial machine design. In December 1984, Later, on October 1, 2023, Meitec transitioned to a holding company structure and a company with an audit committee through a corporate split, and changed its name to "Meitec Group Holdings".

  • What kind of management policy do you have?

    The MEITEC Group, based on its group management concept “Mutual Growth & Prosperity”, will maximize the corporate value of our group originating from the value provided to our employees.


    1)Value to Engineers
       We continue to provide optimum “opportunities and placement” for all engineers who aim for affluent “Career Style of Engineer”.


    2)Value to Employees
       We continue to provide optimum “opportunities and placement” for employees who sympathize with the intension of “independence and mutual supports” and continue to grow as professional.


    3)Value to Clients
       We continue to provide optimal services of “People and Technology”, aiming to becoming a “reliable Best-Partner” for all clients.


    4)Value to Shareholders
       We maximize mid and long-term shareholders returns by creating “sound profits” based on continuous improvement of the Values.


    5)Value to the Society
       We will continue to be a pioneer in creating a “Professional Labor Market” in Japan, through establishing a career style of “lifetime professional engineers”.

  • When did MEITEC Group list its shares on Stock Exchanges?

    We listed its shares on the Second Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange in March 1987. Later,Transition to the prime market in April 2022 due to a review of the Tokyo Stock Exchange's market divisions

  • Are there any management goals?

    We have started the New Mid-Term Management Plan “M2CX(MEITEC 2 Core Transformation)” from April 1, 2023.
    Please see the Corporate Plan page in our homepage for details.

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