To protect the assets of Meitec and its Group companies, which are necessary for sound and transparent management, Meitec has formulated the security policy below. We declare that we will maintain and implement the policy.

  1. The Group will correctly consider human assets, facility assets, physical assets and information assets to be assets to be protected and it will actively take the steps to secure them that are appropriate for each of these assets.
  2. The Group will establish internal rules, including an Employee Code of Conduct and an information security code and will make them known to officers and employees. The Group will comply with laws and regulations related to the security of assets to be protected and requirements under contracts, etc., take fair and reasonable actions, and strive to fulfill its social responsibilities.
  3. The Group will strive to identify and analyze risks, including threats and vulnerabilities, related to each of the assets to be protected and evaluate the risks appropriately. The Group will also strive to develop and appropriately operate systems to mitigate the risks and will continue to make necessary improvements.
  4. To use each of the assets to be protected effectively and efficiently, the Group will strive to clarify the responsibilities of administrators, etc. related to safety measures and develop and appropriately operate controls. The Group will continue to make necessary improvements.
  5. Within the Group, management will be actively involved and supervise the development and appropriate operation of systems and controls to maintain and continue to improve them.