What’s MEITEC Group

As a group of engineers

that plays a core role in manufacturing

We have opened doors for a new era with our manpower

and technologies up until now. 
Taking pride in that achievement, we will remain a group that is able

to take the crux upon ourselves in both the labor market for

engineers and the market for design and development operations.




As of March 31, 2023

Net Sales


million yen


Business locations


locations nationwide

As of October 1, 2023


While rewriting the history
of challenge and creation,
Realize sustainable growth

We maximize mid and long-term shareholders returns

by creating “sound profits” based on continuous

improvement of the Values.


Contributing to society through business,

until now and into the future

Meitec is working sincerely towards the resolution of social issues (SDGs and ESG).
Until now, too, we have worked for the advancement for our clients and society, with an emphasis on Mutual Growth & Prosperity:

the key principles of our Management Concept.
and continue working with the strong will of contributing to the solution of social issues as a public institution in society.